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Idaho retailers want the age to be able to serve alcohol lowered!


While you were probably celebrating with the love of your life the Idaho Retailers Association were busy introducing a bill that would lower the legal age a teenager can serve or handle alcohol on the job from 19 years of age to 17 to help with the labor crisis facing businesses across the state.


Pam Eaton, president and chief executive officer of the Idaho Retailers Association, presented Senate Bill 1308 to the Senate State Affairs Committee on Friday February 11th and said the change would immediately help restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol. Under existing Idaho law, workers who are 19 and older can sell, serve, possess and dispense liquor, beer and wine as part of their employment. It does not permit alcohol to be sold or distributed to the worker.


Those of us in prevention have seen what the changes in alcohol law have done to our youth. With alcohol to go or alcohol delivery is that more alcohol is getting to our kids. Pam Eaton and the 3 legislators that are sponsoring this bill think that a 17 year old is mature enough to be able to handle alcohol sales and follow the rules. These same 17 year olds are not allowed to carry a handgun, vote or purchase tobacco products, heck these youth are still in high school.


Currently, this bill has made it out of the Joint Resolution Committee with a do pass recommendation. Please reach out to your senator and representatives and let them know that we need to find other ways to deal with a labor shortage and not add more responsibilities to our young people and expose them to substances we know that are not healthy for them.


Here is a list of the bills sponsors.



Representative Vander Woude (208) 332-1000

Senator Jim Guthrie (208) 332-1348

Senator Peter Riggs (208) 332-1338