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Local Control of Tobacco Laws Under Attack in Idaho Senate


One tool that has been very impactful for prevention efforts is local control. States where marijuana legalization has been exacted it is local control that has done anything to limit the impacts that legal marijuana has on a community. Last year most states in the country changed their state laws to match the new federal law that you would have to be 21 years of age or older to buy tobacco products. Idaho decided not to pass their law last year leaving Idaho with the age limit of 18 years of age.


Now it seems that Idaho legislators have introduced legislation that will limit the authority given to city councils and other local elected officials to make decisions to reduce youth access to tobacco products. If Senate Bill 1285 were to pass, cities, counties, and other local governments would no longer be able to pass ordinances restricting tobacco retailers from marketing products attractive to youth, like e-cigarettes and other tobacco and nicotine products, in close proximity to schools, playgrounds, parks, and other areas where youth gather. It would also mean your community could no longer pass an ordinance to restrict the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, even if it was supported by a majority, to reduce the targeted marketing of these products to our kids.


Vaping is the #1 substance our youth battle with and the folks at Drug and Alcohol Trends Education & Tall Cop show numerous ways that the tobacco and vape industry have developed products to help young people conceal their use of vape products.


SB 1285 will be heard on the floor of the State Senate to be voted on, as early as Tuesday, February 22nd. That is why we need your help now! We need people that care about reducing youth tobacco use to call their Senators and ask them to VOTE NO on SB 1285. Phone numbers are below as is language to use when you call, and of course your personal message is greatly appreciated! You can also use the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids Action Alert [] to send a message to your Senator by email click here [].


Message to Senators:


Hi, My name is ______________. I am your constituent living in __________________. Please VOTE NO on Senate Bill 1285. SB 1285 explicitly prevents local governments from addressing the specific and unique needs of their own communities when regulating the sale of tobacco products or electronic smoking devices. Passing this bill will allow for e-cigarettes and other tobacco products to be directly marketed to youth near playgrounds, parks and schools with no ability for local elected officials to put any protections in place. Please help protect our kids and VOTE NO on SB 1285. Contact Information to call or email your Senator: (Click here if you need help determining your Legislative District) [] DistrictTitleFirst NameLast NameTownEmailStatehouse Phone (Only during session)


1. Senator Jim Wood ward Sagle 332-1349


2. Senator Steve Vick Dalton Gardens 332-1345


3. Senator Peter Riggs Post Falls 332-1338


4. Senator Mary Souza Coeur d'Alene 332-1322


5. Senator David Nelson Moscow 332-1405


6. Senator Robert Blair Lewiston 332-1421


7. Senator Carl Crabtree Grangeville 332-1355


8. Senator Steven Thayn Emmett 332-1344


9. Senator Abby Lee Fruitland 332-1325


10. Senator Jim Rice Caldwell 332-1423


11. Senator Patti Anne Lodge Caldwell 332-1320


12. Senator Todd Lakey Nampa 332-1328


13. Senator Jeff C. Agen broad Nampa 332-1329


14. Senator Scott Grow Eagle 332-1334


15. Senator Fred Martin Boise 332-1407


16. Senator Grant Burgoyne Boise 332-1409


17. Senator Carrie Semmelroth Boise 332-1352


18. Senator Janie Ward-Engelking Boise 332-1425


19. Senator Melissa Wintrow Boise 332-1339


20. Senator Chuck Winder Boise 332-1354


21. Senator Regina Bayer Meridian 332-1331


22. Senator Lori Den Hartog Meridian 332-1340


23. Senator Christy Zito Hammit 332-1336


24. Senator Lee Heider Twin Falls 332-1347


25. Senator Jim Patrick Twin Falls 332-1318


26. Senator Michelle Stennett Ketchum 332-1353


27. Senator Kelly Anthon Burley 332-1327


28. Senator Jim Guthrie McCammon 332-1348


29. Senator Mark Nye Pocatello 332-1406


30. Senator Kevin Cook Idaho Falls 332-1358


31. Senator Julie VanOrden Pingree


32. Senator Mark Harris Soda Springs 332-1429


33. Senator Dave Lent Idaho Falls 332-1313


34. SenatorDougRicksRexburgDRicks@senate.idaho.gov332-1301


35. Senator Van Burtenshaw Terreton 332-1342