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Idaho State Meetings with Idaho Legislators - CADCA Forum 2022


Spokesperson: David Phillips Executive Director CCI

  • “Thank you so much for taking time to meet with all of us”

  • “We are all substance abuse prevention advocates in our communities all throughout the state of Idaho”


  • Each Meeting Member- name and organization

Talking Points:

  • “Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America or ‘CADCA’ represents all of our voices in Washington, D.C.”

  • Percentage of Cannabis positive Drug Recognition Expert evaluations, relative to all DUI drug arrests, in Meridian increased significantly from 25.6% in 2020 to 45% in 2021.

  • Juvenile violation data, for the largest school district in the state serving nearly 40K students, shows 80% of total violations are vape related and there was a 33% increase in vape devices with THC use/possession violations.

  • Salmon high school students who used marijuana one or more times in the past 30-days increased from 5% to 27% between 2019 and 2021. (IHKS) The perception of harm also decreased during this time.

  • We believe addressing the notion of local-conditions-deserve-local-solutions as the foundation upon which CCI was established to champion prevention is key. While the efforts and activities at the state level are critically important, it is the day-to-day community-level work that truly makes an impact on individuals and families 

Statewide Accomplishments:

Outcomes that have been achieved during this COVID-19 Pandemic because of grassroots efforts throughout our state.

  • In October of 2020, 10,497 total lbs. of expired/unused medications collected across the state. We almost hit our state record set last year of 10,526 a nearly 4,000- pound increase from the previous Take Back Day in April 2019. As a state we collaborated together to make this happen in each of our communities.

  • CCI in partnership with Region 5 Partnership For Success Coordinator Maryann made sure the drug takeback day in Twin Falls still took place as the current agency running the event had to back out one month before the event.

  • Our work to advocate for the Senate Joint Resolution with Senator Grow (SJR101) bill last Idaho legislative session has given the big money backers for legalization

  • This resolution prevents marijuana out of the State of Idaho and out of the hands of our youth

  • Partnership for Success is a 5-year grant from Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) administered by each public health district and focuses on underage drinking, methamphetamine, and marijuana use

  • PFS Regional Project Coordinators partner with Idaho State Police to conduct a Drug Impairment Training for Education Professionals (DITEP). DITEP equips participants with necessary skills to identify drug impaired students while ensuring a safe learning environment.

  • Drug Overdose Prevention and Response Program is a grant funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention administered by each health district to, “advance opioid prevention work through public and prescriber education, local capacity building, public safety partnerships and the social determinants of health.”




Thank Senator Crapo for holding the line on the MORE act.


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