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Senate Bill 1285 Attack On Local Control?

Senate Bill 1285 - The purpose of this legislation is to ensure uniform laws on the sale of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes across the state by preventing local authorities from implementing varying regulations that are more restrictive than state law. It would not interfere with or limit any local unit of government from regulating public use or planning and zoning ordinances related to these products.

SB 1285 sells itself as a bill that would ensure uniformity in Idaho when it comes to Tobacco Products and Electronic Cigarettes. After hearing from Pam Eaton from the Idaho Retailers Association at the 1st hearing this is a proactive move to make sure that local governments can not enact their own policy initiatives that would tax, control or limit the products availability. One of the best tools for Substance Abuse Prevention Advocates has been the ability to advocate for local governments to craft local solutions for local problems rather than hope for the entire state to pilot an idea 1st. Another thing that testimony on this bill brought to the surface is that there are no additional taxes on the sale of vape devices.


This may be why vaping among our youth has increased from 23.9% in 2017 to 26.3% in 2019. Many states have used the tool of making changes at the local level to address substance abuse issues in their community. Parroting the prevention mantra we believe in "local solutions to local problems". This bill makes this impossible in Idaho and that is not good for creating healthy thriving communities.


As of the publishing of this post the bill was heard in the House Health and Welfare Committee with a Do Pass Recommendation sent to the full floor. The only member of the Health and Welfare committee to vote no on this bill is Representative Erickson.


If you disagree with removing local control reach out to your local house member and share your concerns with them.