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The Impact of Donating

Welcome to Community Coalitions of Idaho (CCI), a statewide coalition of community coalitions dedicated to substance abuse prevention. Since its establishment in early 2009, CCI has worked tirelessly to create a healthier and safer Idaho by bringing together diverse communities and stakeholders. By supporting CCI through your generous donations, you can significantly prevent substance abuse and improve the lives of individuals and families across the state.

Why Donate to CCI?

At CCI, our primary focus is substance abuse prevention. We provide a platform for community coalitions from both large and small, urban and rural areas of Idaho to collaborate, share ideas, and promote prevention efforts. Through the collective strength of our members, we aim to establish a Strategic Prevention Plan that aligns with the needs of our communities.

Empowering Community Coalitions

CCI plays a crucial role in developing a state-level framework for community coalitions. We support our member coalitions by assisting them in seeking funding that aligns with their goals. By increasing stakeholder involvement and promoting collaboration, we strive to strengthen the capacity of prevention coalitions in Idaho, enabling them to implement effective environmental strategies.

Expanding Prevention Efforts

Our vision is to increase the number of prevention coalitions in the state, ensuring that every community has the necessary resources to address substance abuse. By donating to CCI, you contribute to this expansion and play a vital role in creating a comprehensive prevention network covering Idaho's entire state.

How Does Your Donation Help CCI?

Your support directly impacts the lives of individuals and families in Idaho. Donations to CCI allow us to:

  • Provide educational programs and resources to schools, parents, and community members about the dangers of substance abuse.
  • Offer training and technical assistance to community coalitions, enhancing their ability to implement evidence-based prevention strategies.
  • Advocate for policies and legislation that support substance abuse prevention and allocate resources to community coalitions.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities for coalitions to share successful prevention initiatives and learn from one another.
  • Conduct research and evaluation to measure the effectiveness of prevention efforts and improve future strategies.

How to Donate

Your contribution to CCI can significantly impact our collective efforts to prevent substance abuse in Idaho. Show your support today by making a secure online donation through PayPal. You can choose a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation plan.


Invest in the Future of Idaho

By donating to Community Coalitions of Idaho, you actively contribute to preventing substance abuse and creating healthier communities across the state. Your support enables us to continue empowering community coalitions, expanding prevention efforts, and advocating for effective policies. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of individuals and families in Idaho. Join us in building a brighter future free from substance abuse. Donate to CCI today.