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What do I Portray?


I was driving down the road and happened to pass a recycling center and saw a sign that caught my eye. The sign said, “WE’RE HERE TO CHANGE THE WORLD.” Wow! It seemed like a confident, and profound statement. What was the recycling center stating; are WE… as human beings here to change the world or is this recycling business changing the world?


“WE'RE HERE TO CHANGE THE WORLD” Every time I read this statement it feels so powerful and moving. After seeing this sign the thought occurs to me; How does this statement make others feel? Do they even notice the sign?


In my opinion the recycling center is making a big statement about themselves, stating they are changing the world. As prevention professionals, what are we portraying? Are we representing and portraying a powerful and emotionally stirring statement?


I want to encourage you to think about what you want to represent and how to portray it.


Two great tools to accomplish this task: self-evaluation or external feedback.


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