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Unconference Format


What is an “UnConference?” We weren’t sure, and were intrigued by the concept of bringing people together throughout the state who wanted to create their own topics for discussion. Coming together on September 10th, we went through the process of setting up an UnConference format and then put that learning into practice.


Several topics for discussion were brainstormed including ways to reach youth, Strategies in social media, developing took kits, organizing to reach more people, business plans, networking, how to strengthen and develop relations with schools, member engagement, parent engagement, effective ways of maintaining partnerships. It was quite a list to try and cover in the allotted time, each attendee put two stickers on the topics they were interested in the most, so we chose six topics and went to work.


Each topic was discussed by the interested group. Natural leaders stepped up and notes were taken on topics that were presented and shared with the group.


We all agreed that an UnConference was the way to go if you wanted to discuss multiple topics in short time frames. Sincere thanks to Gina Schatteman and Sylvia Ryan for their facilitation of this process. Debi Dockins, CCI Executive Director


Thanks to Marco Erickson and Eastern Idaho Public Health for their support at the

2019 CCI Sustainability Conference!