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Marijuana, Medicine and Pharmacies


Why does the Pro Drug Legalization lobby always start with legalizing Marijuana as medicine then move on to recreational use and legalizing or decriminalizing other schedule 1 drugs?


Taking the approach of legalizing under the premise of making it medicine opens up more peoples minds. Many people would never use Marijuana themselves but feel it is unfair to take away another persons ability to get their "medicine". So if Marijuana is medicine why isn't it dispensed out of a pharmacy? Pro Pot Website Marijuana Doctors Dot Com (a place you can get an online recommendation for medical marijuana) says this.


Can Pharmacies Offer Marijuana?


Traditional pharmacies where you fill prescriptions from physicians do not fill recommendations for medical marijuana. You will have to go to a dispensary to obtain your medical cannabis — but why? Pharmacies deal with medicine, so why can’t they sell marijuana? The reasons behind this extend into federal law and the licensing of pharmacies. In fact, if pharmacies were to sell cannabis, they would no longer be allowed to sell anything. The federal government considers marijuana to be a schedule I controlled substance. According to the DEA, or the Drug Enforcement Agency, drugs with this classification have no medical use and a high likelihood of causing abuse. Other drugs in this classification include LSD, ecstasy and peyote. Although more than half of the states in the U.S. offer legalized medical cannabis, the drug remains a schedule I drug on a national level. Pharmacies must defer to the stricter of the laws, which is the federal, or risk losing their licensing.


The schedule I classification prohibits anyone, including pharmacies, with federal licensing from dispensing it.


So this is just another nail in the coffin for this years medical marijuana bill that claims to be the most restrictive and has been offering the idea that this drug will come from pharmacies and not dispensaries. The distribution of this drug will look no different than marijuana that is sold in Oregon, Washington and California.