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Idaho Prevention For Success (PFS) Coordinators


Partnerships for Success Grant


The Partnership for Success Grant (PFS) is the second generation of the five-year Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) awarded to ODP in fiscal year (FY) 2013. The goal of implementing the PFS grant is to prevent underage drinking, marijuana use, and methamphetamine use in communities using evidence-based prevention programs and practices, especially among American Indians, Hispanics/Latinos, veterans and their families, and Idahoans living in rural communities, while increasing capacity for prevention efforts in each district.


The funding for the PFS is administered through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP). Funds are sub-granted to public health departments (PHD) and law enforcement (LE) agencies to implement local substance use prevention work. Additionally, ODP will provide funds for training both through a contracted learning management system (LMS) for Project Coordinators (PC) at the PHDs and the Regional Behavioral Health Boards (RBHB) and for LE training. Both methods will facilitate learning through online modules. Finally, ODP will utilize PFS funds to contract for services for a statewide evaluation to ensure that activities funded by the PFS are effective in preventing underage drinking, marijuana use, and methamphetamine use; and for data collection efforts to track change in consumption and consequences of substance use in Idaho.


Panhandle Health District 1

Amy Hirtle



North Central District 2

Sharlene Johnson



Southwest District Health 3

Jeff Cappe



Central District Health Department 4

Rebecca Sprague



South Central Public Health District 5

MaryAnn Doshier



Southeastern Idaho Public Health 6

Chessie Meyer



Eastern Idaho Public Health District 7

DaNae Schoenborn