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Facebook Tricks and Tips Everyone Should Know


Facebook is the largest social media site to ever exist. Even when Facebook has faced hurdles the social media giant has always come out on top. Over 220 million people in America are on Facebook.


Executive Director of Community Coalitions of Idaho David Phillips has spent the last nine years working with this social media platform to bring awareness to a wide variety of issues and programs. Using these tips will lead you to a much better Facebook experience.


Trick Out Your Page

Your page is how you exist on Facebook, this is not to be confused with your personal profile. The easiest way to explain the difference is:

  • Profile = Friend Requests
  • Page = Page LIKES
 To expound on this, your profile is how Jane Doe exists on Facebook, and Jane Doe runs a Prevention Coalition page that people LIKE and FOLLOW to get more information.

Now this post is how you can Trick Out your page not just a simple nuts and bolts of how the page works on Facebook.


Bring a brand identity to you social media look - You should pick a series of colors that tie into your Coalition and logo so that your content flows well and you have brand continuity. When it looks good to our eyes we look for more! (Want to learn how CCI can help you with brand identity email


Use Video - People are more likely to engage and listen to your content if it is in a form that is relevant to them. We have become a society with shorter attention spans and we don't like to read. Using video is key to amazing engagement and it does not require fancy cameras or expensive editing software.


Make sure your page icon represents your coalition and your page - Way to often pages use icons that say nothing about who you are and this hurts engagement. The harder you make it for people to figure out who you are the harder it is to get them to support you.


Change Your Header Often - Sometimes changing your header makes less sense and each organization should see if this trick is for you or not. If your group is youth focused it should change or if you live somewhere where seasons change you should be changing your header at least with the seasons. Creating a 90 second video of your group engaged in certain topics or events can also be a great way yo show off what you do and who you are.


Tag Your Partners - When you are talking about your partnership with a local business, government agency or fellow coalition tagging them not only gets their attention that you exist but it shows connections that Facebook can use to suggest your page to other people following your partners. It also helps you come up in searches where both you and your partner have relevant ties.


We can go on but really the best way to show you what you can do with your page is to set up a social media training with you and your group. This can be done via Zoom or in person it all depends on your groups comfort level. For inquiries on Social Media training email