Marijuana side effects, from uncontrollable vomiting to lung damage

  • Some cannabis users might experience rare side effects like chronic coughing, shortness of breath, vomiting and nausea.

  • Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome causes regular cannabis users to vomit, and the only way to stop the condition is to cease weed use.

  • Vaping-related lung damage and psychosis are also reported, yet rare, consequences of consuming weed.

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When it comes to smoking cannabis, experiences like blood-shot eyes, getting the munchies, and an impaired sense of time are near-universal.

But for a small subset of the population, using cannabis creates unwanted side effects, either from the weed itself or the method used to consume it.

These effects are still being studied and little conclusive research exists due to cannabis' federal illegal status.

A mysterious syndrome causes regular weed users to endure unrelenting nausea

Cannabis researchers are currently studying cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, a rare disorder that affects some frequent cannabis users, Insider previously reported.

Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS, usually sets in when a person is in their thirties and is characterized by vomiting and nausea.