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Have you even been required to receive additional educational training or certificates but unaware of when and where these resources exist? I recently started a new AmeriCore Vista position at Bonneville Youth Development Council (BYDC). As a new member BYDC requires specific trainings and certificates for orientation. I spent about two weeks meeting these requirements. I thought it would be helpful to share my knowledge with you, specifically my experience with LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning is connected to your personal LinkedIn account and is a series of different video trainings that allow you to gain valuable knowledge and skills that can benefit you in various settings. You can then share your accomplishments and certificates on your personal LinkedIn page.

These trainings are interactive (with a few simple quizzes) and use visuals to keep your interest peaked. At the end of each training you have the option to receive a standard certificate or more specific certificates for CEUs that require you to pass an end of training test with a specific percentage. They have many different options of study such as: communications, time management, project management, nonprofits etc.

My experience with LinkedIn Learning was insightful and beneficial. The presentations are clean and understandable, the speaker's language and expressions were clear and the visuals were helpful. I felt my time spent on LinkedIn Learning allowed me to gain knowledge that will help me in my professional field, as I hope it helps you.

If you do not have an account, you may preview the learning videos, but in order to fully participate, you must create a LinkedIn account. These trainings require you to purchase a membership, however they do offer a free 1-month trial and allow you to cancel anytime.

Written by Mallory Johnson

Community Coordinator

Bonneville Youth Development Council

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LinkedIn reports over 13,000+ expert led courses. Where these may not be specific for prevention, they are important and relevant to running a coalition, and the skills it takes to be a prevention professional. There are many specific courses to nonprofits, and a few of my favorites are leadership, management and how to use specific business tools.

(Disclaimer: This post is not an official advertisement or recruiting method for LinkedIn. No funds, gratuities, gifts, etc. have been provided to the author from LinkedIn for this post.)

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