2019 National Coalition Academy

The National Coalition Academy (NCA) is a comprehensive training program developed by CADCA’s National Coalition Institute and teaches leaders “what they need to know” (the core competencies) and “what their team needs to do” (the essential processes) to establish or maintain a highly effective anti-drug coalition. (CADCA 2019)

By the end of the year-long training, in order to graduate, coalitions will have developed five essential products (1) a community assessment, (2) a logic model, (3) a strategic & action plan, (4) an evaluation plan and (5) a sustainability plan. (CADCA 2019)

Bonneville Youth Development Council, Community Coalitions of Idaho, and Drug Free Idaho attended Week 1 NCA in Dallas, Texas. Each coalition prepared and delivered a PowerPoint presentation, describing their coalition, community assessment and a logic model.

It was an exciting week inside the hotel and outside the hotel. Problems and obstacles arose, and together through their trials, coalition and prevention work, prevailed. We should all be proud of our strong and professional coalition representation for our favorite state, Idaho!

For more about the NCA experience, contact:

Chloe - Bonneville Youth Development Council

Ashley - Community Coalitions of Idaho

Megan - Drug Free Idaho

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